Salon Basnet

Salon started off as an actor from the age of eight with the movie "Nepali Babu". He is the son of a movie director Sobit Basnet. He has worked as a child actor in movies. He has worked in movies like Azanta, Hami Teen Bhai, Anmol, Afnopan, Ashirbaad etc. and now he is coming back with new movies. Salon loves music, acting and travelling new places. ABOUT PHOTO-SHOOT:: Salon says," Yup, it was awesome and had a mermorable moments. I also learned a lot about photo-shoot and all to give in-front of the camera. In short, I had a great time. Thank you ."

DOB Dec 01
Zodiac Gemini
Height5 Ft. 8 inches
Eye Black
Hair Black

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